Football Association of Montenegro would like to inform the public that UEFA has instigated disciplinary proceedings against FA Montenegro in respect of the developments relating to the match of the second round of EURO 2020 Qualifiers between the respective national teams of Montenegro and England.

Within these disciplinary proceedings, UEFA will, among other things, investigate the details relating to the alleged individual manifestations of racist behaviour of few spectators of the above match, which were reported to the match delegate by The FA representatives.

In compliance with the rules of the proceedings, we will not comment the allegiations of The FA, but rather leave to the responsible UEFA authorities to take a decision based on the relevant evidence presented during the disciplinary proceedings.

We need to take this opportunity and note that FA Montenegro has always been a committed partner to international football organisations in combating all forms of discrimination on and off the pitch. At the matches played by our respective national teams until now, we have not had any incidents related to religious, gender or racial discrimination and we are fully convinced that there will not be any such incidents in the future. In a multicultural and multiethnical society as Montenegro is, there is not any space for such conduct, which was the feeling most intensively experienced by our guests from England during the previous two official matches they played in Podgorica.

In the case that racist behavior at the match stadium be supported by evidence in further proceedings, Football Association of Montenegro will undertake all necessary measures to identify the irresponsible individuals who might have incited such behavior which will constitute the grounds for their being banned from all matches organized by our Association.