Montenegro’s U-17 squad lost 6-0 against the Netherlands in the second round of preliminary round qualifying group for the U-17 EURO 2019.

The Netherlands started powerfully, demonstrating why they are considered to be one of the best teams at the U-17 age level.

Only 30 minutes into the game, the Netherlands already had a 4-0 lead, thanks to goals from Mohamed Taabouni, Jayden Braaf, Naoufal Bannis and Sontje Hansen. Hansen and Bannis each scored a goal in the second half to make the final score 6-0 for the Netherlands.

However, Obren Sarić’s squad were able to create a number of chances in the second half. Aldin Drndar missed a great chance in the 65th minute following a good delivery by Milan Vukotić. Twenty minutes later, Vuk Dapčević missed from fairly close range and Netherlands’ goalkeeper was forced into action in the 86th minute by Jovan Dasić’s shot.

Our head coach Obren Sarić said after the match that the Netherlands are one of the best teams in Europe.

“The Netherlands demonstrated why they are the reigning European champions at this level. The final result reflected what happened on the pitch. Even though we had a couple good chances in the second half to reduce the margin of defeat, they also missed a few clear opportunities. Now we need to focus on the next game and try to prepare as best as possible for the last match of the tournament.”

The Brave Falcons play against Lichtenstein on October 3.

Netherlands - Montenegro 6:0

Skarsjevalen Stadium, Ljungskile.

Referee: Denis Shurman (Ukraine).

1:0 - Mohamed Taabouni 14', 2:0 - Jayden Braaf 17', 3:0 - Naoufal Bannis 24'(p), 4:0 - Sontje Hansen 31', 5:0 - Sontje Hansen 66', 6:0 - Naoufal Bannis 71'(p)

Yellow card
Milan Vukotić - Montenegro

Netherlands: Tein Troost, Ki-jana Hoever (substituted in 46’ by Steven van der Sloot), Neraysho Kasanwirdjo, Melayro Bogarde (substituted in 59’ by Twan van der Zeeuw), Enis Salah Edine (substituted in 59’ by Tijs Feltuis), Dirk Proper (substituted in 46’ by Jost de Šuter), Džejden Braf, Syb van Ottele, Naoufal Bannis, Mohamed Taabouni, Sontje Hansen.
Head coach: Peter van der Ven.

Montenegro: Lazar Baltić, Stefan Dajević, Ljubomir Pejović, Vuk Ćosić, Nemanja Božović, Bogdan Obradović, Milan Vukotić, Blagota Marković (substituted in 47’ by Aldin Drndar), Petar Vuković, Dejan Perović (substituted in 46’ by Jovan Dašić), Ognjen Gašević (substituted in 47’ by Andrija Kolundžić).
Head coach: Obren Sarić.